Deadly Reckoning

Pregnant artist Kayla Davies hopes to escape memories of a brutal attack on her life only to find that the trouble has followed her to a small town in Oregon. She turns to Sheriff Gabe McGregor for protection. But neither of them want to act on their mutual attraction, scared of the consequences. But another attempt on Kayla’s life changes everything. 

This has to be one of the worst romances I’ve read in a long time. The premise is good, because I do enjoy damsel in distress stories, but I prefer it if the damsel isn’t stupid. And I’d rather not have the entire love story unfold in the course of three days. Yes, it is hard to keep up the suspense over a long period of time because eventually the killer is just lazy. But three days? Really? And after Kayla found out she was a target for murder she still went into an empty house in the middle of nowhere, alone. Throughout the entire book I got the impression that either the author or the editor was lazy. Maybe both. But this isn’t a book I can recommend to to anyone with a clear conscience.