Hot and Sweet Love in Denai Touch

I have to admit, when I first started it, I really didn’t have high expectations. The first fight scene in the book was terrible. Not only does Cate think, “Crap!” then, “Double crap!” and finally, “Shit!”, but it’s over things that probably shouldn’t faze a law enforcement officer. I mean, she just caught a coven doing illegal magic and she goes out and tells them to put their hands up and she really thought they wouldn’t fight back? Really? Even if these criminals usually do drop everything and surrender, she should at least be on her guard for the one or two crazies (or a whole coven of them).

But with that exception, Denai Touch was a truly enjoyable read, and at least half of that is credited to Jason Talbot, the love interest who is a Nuarden god. The chemistry between him and Cate is phenomenal. Their devotion to each other is incredibly sweet, and there has been more than one scene packed with heat, even though there are no vivid sex scenes (believe me, the book doesn’t need them). I really started liking them together after their shared dream, and after reading that, it was impossible not to want to read more.

Even though I blocked out about a half hour a day to read Denai Touch, I still wanted more, and I can’t wait to read the sequel when it comes out later this year. What will happen to Cate now? Will we ever see the human world, or is their world completely separate except when criminals need to have their memories wiped and be banished to the human world? Does Kal grow some personality?

Denai Touch is available in ebook form and in print on Amazon. Tiffany Shand is also handing out some signed copies of Denai Touch to UK residents from her Facebook page.