Surrendering to Her Will

Alice Wilde doesn’t have time for relationships. She barely has time to go back to her small town to take care of her thrill-seeking aunt when she ends up in the hospital after one of her crazy stunts. Her life as a New York City journalist is simply too demanding and she has no intention of slowing down. But Will Stirling, a handsome restaurant owner who is quick to fall in love, is going to do everything he can to have a relationship with Alice, no matter the cost. 

This book definitely had potential. I was willing to try it because I liked the title quite a bit, especially mixed with the charming cover. Maybe it is just because the title sounds like a dominatrix story when it was clearly not, or maybe because I got a good deal on the book, but I was definitely intrigued. However, it was disappointing.


First of all, there were laugh cues. One of the characters would do or say something mildly amusing and then everyone would laugh, which just takes all of the humor out of whatever just happened. Second of all, the characters often fell flat. You have the work-oriented heroine, the lovesick love interest, the eccentric aunt, and the conniving ex-girlfriend. And what’s up with Joe’s character swap half-way through the book? Can that be explained without so much telling and a little more showing?

Despite many of the disappointments, I did like the story okay. Will was very sweet and did everything a love interest was supposed to, and I like the twist at the end, which is different than most work-oriented heroine stories I read.  My biggest problem with the book was the writing style. While Potter’s writing will undoubtedly improve over time, I don’t think I would recommend Surrendering To Her Will to many people.

Deadly Reckoning

Pregnant artist Kayla Davies hopes to escape memories of a brutal attack on her life only to find that the trouble has followed her to a small town in Oregon. She turns to Sheriff Gabe McGregor for protection. But neither of them want to act on their mutual attraction, scared of the consequences. But another attempt on Kayla’s life changes everything. 

This has to be one of the worst romances I’ve read in a long time. The premise is good, because I do enjoy damsel in distress stories, but I prefer it if the damsel isn’t stupid. And I’d rather not have the entire love story unfold in the course of three days. Yes, it is hard to keep up the suspense over a long period of time because eventually the killer is just lazy. But three days? Really? And after Kayla found out she was a target for murder she still went into an empty house in the middle of nowhere, alone. Throughout the entire book I got the impression that either the author or the editor was lazy. Maybe both. But this isn’t a book I can recommend to to anyone with a clear conscience.

Tempation and Twilight

Iain Sinclair, Marquis of Alynwick , is a rake if there eer was one. Aside from his loyalty to the Brethren Guardians, he loves no one. That is, no one but Elizabeth York, a blind beauty that he had had an affair with and then thrown away, something he wished he could forget forever.

Elizabeth no longer see Iain Sinclair as anything but a mistake, and one not to be made again, no matter how attracted she is to him. But she longs to solve a mystery that has bewildered her for years. An ancestral diary talks about a veiled lady who she wants to learn the identity of, and she’ll even let Ian help her to do it.

This is definitely a book worth reading. Full of passion, love, and whispered promises, it’s one of my favorite steamy romances. Both Elizabeth and Iain are great characters and the passion between them was so sweet. The devotion Iain has for Elizabeth is sweet without being sappy and cliched,  and I liked the lengths he would go to right wrongs, which were by no means small. Elizabeth had good reason to be angry at him, and I’m glad that was never undermined.. Definitely a good story for anyone who enjoys hot and sexy romances.

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Morning Comes Softly

Sometimes the best things happen with some impulsive but necessary decisions, like when Mary Warner decides to give up her life as a lonely librarian in Louisiana when she answers a personals ad from a Montana rancher looking for a wife to help him raise three orphaned children. Even though she knows his interest is less in her and more in her ability as a homemaker, Mary can’t help but hope that she’ll find love.

I haven’t read many of Debbie Macomber’s books, but I know I definitely enjoyed this one. Ugly Duckling stories are definitely one of my favorites, as well as arranged-marriage-gone-right stories. However, not my favorite romance ever, because Travis was often a jerk, at least in the beginning. Granted, he had just lost his brother and sister-in-law and he had become the father of three. But the way he took out his frustrations on Mary– from mentally criticizing her looks to arguing with her made him a little too unlikable to me, even though he shaped up to be a gentlemen further on in the story.

I never had a problem with the secondary love story in this book, though. Logan is definitely a Prince Charming, but a little bit sexier. I wish they were the main couple instead of Mary and Travis, even though I eventually grew to like the chemistry between them.

All in all, I would probably give this book 3.5 out of 5 stars.

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