Why Do Your Sex Scenes Remind Me of Urban Dictionary?

213f7964f410447d97ad005284b065c7Prudence isn’t expecting to land a big record deal when she travels to L.A. from Britain with her band. But she’s not planning on going back. Too hurt from her last relationship, she’s preparing for a boring job with her science degree and a life of causal sex. Little does she know that she’s going to meet a guy with just as much trust issues as herself.

Cash is a TV producer, but he doesn’t like telling people that, especially people he sleeps with. But that is one of the few secrets he keeps from Prudences when he starts sleeping with her. Like Prudence, he is against real relationships after getting burned very badly, but despite himself, he is beginning to realize that he wants more with Prudence. So much is that he’s willing to risk everything for her.

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Hot and Sweet Love in Denai Touch

I have to admit, when I first started it, I really didn’t have high expectations. The first fight scene in the book was terrible. Not only does Cate think, “Crap!” then, “Double crap!” and finally, “Shit!”, but it’s over things that probably shouldn’t faze a law enforcement officer. I mean, she just caught a coven doing illegal magic and she goes out and tells them to put their hands up and she really thought they wouldn’t fight back? Really? Even if these criminals usually do drop everything and surrender, she should at least be on her guard for the one or two crazies (or a whole coven of them).

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