Mine for Now: A Billionaire Romance Novel by J.S. Scott


When you think the plot is getting thin, just throw a desperate druggie into the mix. That’s what J.S. Scott did with Mine for Now, the second in the Billionaire’s Obsession series. Unlike Mine for Tonightits sequel has  a dose of reality in Kara and Simon’s relationship and shows that not everything is roses after the knight in shining armor has saved the girl. While a dose of reality is a good thing in writing– and is usually lacking in billionaire romance novels– Mine for Now is my least favorite in J.S. Scott’s series.

What I Think

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Mine for Tonight: Book One In the Billionaire’s Obsession

Nothing says sexy like a brooding billionaire. I mean, in a world of car payments, nine-to-five nightmares, and student loans hanging over people’s heads like spiders on their bedroom ceilings, it can be a lot of fun to daydream about a billionaire lover who will take it all away. Unfortunately, a lot of them are really bad, like Fifty Shades of Writing So Bad I Want All The Characters to Spontaneously Combust. The damsel in distress routine can also be sadly lacking plot and character development, like in The Doctor’s Slave. However, Mine for Tonight is definitely one of the good ones.


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Request a Theme for Boyfriends for Sale

romance-novel-coverThere’s a couple of reasons why I started doing Boyfriends for Sale posts. One reason is I like themes and sorting things into themes. Another is because there are many times I’m in the mood for certain type of romance and I want books that fix that. For instance, about two months ago I spent about an hour scouring the internet to find historical romances with a love interest who was half Native American and half Caucasian. (Don’t ask me why. If I knew how to explain every single one of my impulses, then I’d be able to rationalize myself into the minimalist, healthy person I’ve always wanted to be.)

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