Book Review: Telling Jase

Genre: Contemporary, LGBTQ

My rating: 4/5 stars

Jase grinned, “you were about to tell me why you always hated Marcus?”

Sean closed his eyes. Truth, he reminded himself. He took a few deep breaths. “I envied him, Jase.”

“What? Why?”

Truth, truth, truth. “Because he got to have you, and I didn’t. Because I wanted you. I wanted to be with you. Jase, I… I think I still want that.”

Sean “Tag” Taggert’s fiancee abandoning him and their son, Cody, is a blessing in disguise. Sean had never loved her and only committed to her for Cody’s sake. He was really in love with his best friend and former college roommate Jase, and now he might have the chance to tell him that.

But there was just one problem. Jase didn’t know Sean was bisexual. And Sean had no idea how Jase would react to the news that he had been in love him for three years.

Jase is incredibly hot and I can see why Sean’s attracted to him. He’s sexy and dominant, but also sweet, and caring, and great with kids. Jase is always there for Sean and a good friend. And Jase is also very attracted to Sean. There is no question at all about that.

And damn, they have good chemistry between them. Their relationship isn’t forced or fake at all.

Jase pulled off his t-shirt and tossed in on a chair. Tag stared at him with hungry eyes, and pulled his shirt over his head as well. Jase bit his lip and held back a groan. Tag had more tattoos. There were at least three new ones that he could see, tribal patterns on each pec, and a dragon, low on his left stomach, that halfway disappeared beneath his drawstring pants.

Jase ended up hopping quickly into the bed, when the thought of following the dragon’s tail into Tag’s pants caused in him a very noticeable reaction.

Sean killed the light and climbed in next to him. He scooted over till his shoulder was pressed against Jase’s chest. Jase reached across Tag’s body and grabbed his hand. His forehead touched the side of Tag’s head. He smells like home, he thought. He squeezed Tag’s hand and whispered. “Nite, Tag.”

“Nite Jase.”

They are so cute together. Telling Jase is the perfect story to put you in a good mood.

But it’s not completely perfect. The beginning is awkward. Sean comes home early to hear Jase and his then-boyfriend having sex in their room and within a matter of minutes he knows for sure he’s bi and in love with Jase. Just because he got turned on by sex sounds. That felt forced and insta-love, even if most of the story doesn’t.

I also couldn’t picture Lisa as a real person at all. Even though we never actually see her in the story, she plays a huge part. Despite all of the time Sean and Jase spend talking about her and all the time Sean spends thinking about her, she remains an undeveloped plot device instead of a real character.

Despite those flaws, this story is worth 4 stars. It’s a quick, fun read that I highly recommend.

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3 Best YouTube Playlists for Background Music While Reading

71It’s so easy to get distracted when you’re reading. Maybe someone has the TV too loud, or they’re talking, or maybe you’ve got a song stuck in your head that drowns out the words on the page. (This dirty look is for you, Icona Pop.)

White noise can sometimes help, but another thing that works is quiet instrumental music for the background. Luckily, YouTube has loads of these for reading, studying, or anything else that requires concentration. Here are the 3 best for reading.

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Horrifyingly Sappy: The Band 4 The Air We Breathe

417drlnhqhl-_sx331_bo1204203200_Genre: Contemporary, Inspirational

Page Count: 324 pages (of nauseation)

Average Goodreads Rating: 3/5 stars (why, Goodreads? You’re usually so tough on books)

My Rating: 1.5/ 5 stars

Truthfully, this is actually a great story. Yeah. So great. It’s the perfect backstory for its horror sequel: The Martins Trump Manson on Body Count. 

As a romance it fucking sucks.

I don’t even know where to begin. This book is so full of sugary sap that it makes pasta covered in maple and chocolate syrup and marshmallows look appetizing.

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Guest Post: Grea Alexander’s Series of Threes

new-smi-logo-vertically-squared-framed-outside-marginI tend to write my novels in series of 3.  Why?   Because I have a strange and some might say fascinating history with the number 3.

That being said, I always try to give each book enough of a backstory so that you can pick up any of the books in a series and have a reasonable grasp of what is going on in that volume. Each book is a complete narrative unto itself that tells its own story, HOWEVER…. (yes, there is a however – a rather big HOWEVER) you won’t get the full picture unless you read them all – in order.

I am a very character focused author.  In my world, all of my characters are real people with real thoughts, feelings, histories, personalities, etc who are responding to the situations put before them in the best way they can, based on who they are AT THAT TIME. 

I am very interested in character growth, evolution and motivation.  My characters, like myself, tend to be quite Byronic in nature – with every thought, gesture and action often hiding or eluding to a much bigger picture.

Reading one of my books and not the others is kind of like watching a movie with a third of the screen obscured. 

Will you be able to enjoy it and get into it?  Probably.

Will you miss things? DEFINITELY. 

Series Structure

I structure my series like real life. 

When you first meet a new person, do you instantly know everything about them…..even after internet stalking them? 


You see what they want to show you.  You see the image they want to show the world.  As they grow a little more comfortable with you, you begin to know more about them – things that might make you interested in deepening your relationship with that person, that might well pique your curiosity. 

This is the first book.

Once you decide you want to know that person on a more intimate level, you start to learn deeper things – the types of things they hide from more casual acquaintances.  As your relationship grows more and more intimate, you learn more about their past, their true motivations and even some things that might make you question whether or not this person really is who you thought they were.  They may well even do or say things that might push you to the very edge of your personal boundaries, and, sometimes, even past them.

This is the second book.

More time passes.  Finally, you reach the ultimate level of intimacy – the inner sanctum, the level of full trust and disclosure.  All the walls that person has put up have crumbled before you and all of their facades have been laid bare.  Things that happened earlier in your relationship take on new meaning and significance as you finally, truly understand who this person is.  This is the third book.

The third, the final book, is the crown jewel.  Everything becomes clear.  True thoughts, motivations, things that have happened in the characters’ past that shape who they have become and things that have occurred in the previous books finally begin to take real form and gain deeper significance.  For better or for worse, this part of the character’s journey comes to an end.

In my personal opinion, because of this, the further you go into the series, the better, more intense the protagonists’ story becomes.

About the Author

Grea Alexander is an author specializing in historical fiction and supernatural horror books.  Her books are available in regular print, large print & ebook formats.

2015 reb i quay front.jpgREBELLION BOOK I: BOOK OF QUAY

Intrigue, deception, betrayal. What are a few knives in the back between two lovers?

Qing Dynasty, China.

Some wounds cut too deeply to ever truly heal, to ever be forgotten. For the rebel Phong Quay, Princess Ni Soung is one of those wounds – a remnant of the most painful chapter in his life, a pawn in his never ending war with his greatest enemy, the Emperor Ni Fehn.

As the Han rebellion against the Emperor intensifies, Princess Soung becomes caught in the middle. As bait in the Emperor’s most brazen bid to date to bring Phong Quay down, the princess may just find herself a casualty in the battle between the two men – a battle between the past and the present, between the truth and lies, between love and revenge.

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