3 Bookish Activities You Can Do With Your Family Over the Holidays (Reading Beverage Recipe Included)

The holidays can be a stressful time. Between buying presents, welcoming extended family into your home, decorating, holiday parties and huge meals, there is very little time to relax or time for yourself. And if you are anything like me, small talk and extended family is exhausting and awkward. Here are three book-related activities you can do with your family to break the ice and relax a bit.

1) Reading Party and Tea

One of the easiest ways to relax with your family is a reading party. This is when all of you get together in pajamas and lounge in armchairs and on the couch and individually read. This is a really good activity if you want to spend time with your family but don’t feel like talking. If you need a quiet night after a big dinner or you want to ease into Christmas with a relaxing morning, this is a great activity. You could all have your own books that you were already in the process of reading, or you could make it more festive by buying holiday books for the occasion. To make a reading party complete, make some homemade fancy tea to drink while reading. This Sweet Chai Tea Latte recipe by Equal Exchange is a perfect beverage to go along with it.

2) Storytelling

This is a great activity, especially if there are a lot of little kids around. While nowadays they might be able to preoccupy themselves with electronics, the holidays are still about spending time together as a family and storytelling is a great way to do so. Even if the kids are not so little, this is still a great activity to do, as long as you choose a book appropriate for the age group. Some of these kids might (erroneously) think storytelling is boring or only for babies, but hopefully, you’ll change their minds with some captivating stories to read, like Winterhouse by Ben Guterson, an urban fantasy mystery meant for 9-12-year-olds.

Listeners are more likely to be persuaded to sit still and listen if there is a special hot chocolate treat involved. Equal Exchange’s Peppermint Patty in a Cup is a quick and easy recipe that kids will love.

3) Book Drinking Games

If your entire family is bookish and over the legal drinking age, then book drinking games are a lot of fun and will allow you to have a great time with your family without feeling so exhausted. Find a bookish drinking game by searching your favorite genre+drinking game. Feel free to try LQ’s Smashwords Drinking Game If you want to be really fancy, make your own coffee liqueur for the drinking game.

What book-related activity do you do if any?

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1) The Two Schillings by Anthony O’Brian

1503176975Genre: Historical, Romance

Word Count: 183,680

Average Goodreads Rating: 4.33 out of 5 stars

The 100 Years War has torn both England & France. King Henry IV is on the throne newly taken and his son Harry of Monmouth, soon to be Henry the V is up to his legendary deeds. This epic centers around a stalwart young man, Adrian, trained in the art of war, but not in the art of love. Honor is paramount and heartbreak is imminent. His first love, Victoria Marie becomes his study in both. Adrian, in time, distinguishes himself with the prince’s knight-at-arms and in a melee, to become a personal attendant to the Crown Prince. He has the opportunity to save the Prince’s life and then to defend his honor. Along the way he meets Raleigh and the two quickly become best of friends. Many twists and turns await as the author carefully and skillfully weaves in the historical settings of the times and of Europe, while maintaining the focus of a historical romance. This epic climaxes in a duel of honor that captures all of the London’s wild enthusiasm.

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2) Vengeance’s Fire by Alaina Stanford

9200000035956690Genre: Fantasy, Teen

Word Count: 53,630

Average Goodreads Rating: 4.36 out of 5 stars

He’s a prince: boisterous, charismatic and daring. She’s a modern surgeon: quiet, introspective and curious about his kingdoms alternative empathic healing.

Kendra had not seen Cap in 6 months. As Kendra prepares to travel deep into the mountains with a group of Empathic Students Cap suddenly appears. Their journey will lead them toward an evil more dangerous than either could ever imagine. A presence that could bring an end to the Empathic way of life.

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 3) Burn Me Again: They Are In Love Again by Becky Harris

Burn Me AgainGenre: Contemporary

Word Count: 11,630

Emma and Brody had been friends since they were in Kindergarten. When high school rolled around their feelings for each other turned into something more than just friendship. Their love was fast and furious, just like their relationship. All was going perfectly until an accident struck Brody’s family. His brother had been in a fatal car accident with a drunk driver.
Struck by the tragedy, Brody turned to alcohol. When Emma found out she immediately confronted him. The confrontation immediately went south when Brody lashed out at her. It severed their relationship separating them for four years.
At Emma’s graduation, she stumbles into him. As soon as their eyes meet the feelings rush back. When Brody asks Emma for a second chance she can’t help, but give it. Though it comes with a few stumbles along the way they pick up right where they left off.

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 4) Till Zombies Do Us Part by Celeste Ayers

till-zombies-do-us-part-187x300Genre: Science Fiction

Word Count: 16,660


Noah and Amy are two teens in love. There is, however, one problem; the world as they know it was turned into nothing but a pile of chaos and zombies.

As they battle for survival they’ll embark on a journey into the unknown while facing new trials that will put both their love for each other and their humanity to the ultimate test. Just how far will they be willing to go?


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 5) The First Bite Is the Deepest by Elise Catrina

412cm78fogl-_sy346_Genre: Paranormal, Humor

Word Count: 89,630

Average Goodreads Rating: 3.83 out of 5 stars

High school senior Stella Ortiz loves field hockey, her friends, biology class, and the occasional trashy vampire romance. So when she encounters mysterious transfer student Sebastian Weber–a real-life version of her favorite novels’ broodingly gorgeous protagonists–she’s immediately drawn to him. Her friends, on the other hand, aren’t impressed: Sebastian misses tons of school, he day-drinks something that smells like pennies, and oh yeah, he’s a vampire.

What starts as a quirky send-up of vampire romance quickly turns sinister. Stella and her friends find themselves pitted against not only Sebastian but his entire family–a cadre of supernatural predators determined to keep the secret of their existence from spreading any further.

Sometimes, breakups really are a matter of life and death.

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