Secondhand Heart by Kristen Strassel

A excellent review

Romance Novels for the Beach

Daisy Mangold is only twenty-one, and already a widow. Her husband, who was also her best friend from childhood, died due to a road-side bomb explosion while serving in Afghanistan. Now that it has been over a year since her husband’s death, Daisy’s family and friends think it is time for her to start getting her life back on track. Her sister in particular thinks she should move on with Cam Hunter, a hunky town local who won a singing reality TV show, and is back in town to open up a bar and get his country singing career in order after splitting up with his wife. Sounds like a match made in heaven.

secondhand heartHonestly, I had some issues with the first half or so of this book, mainly in regards to Daisy and Cam’s relationship. She is just starting to date again after losing someone ridiculously important to her…

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