Kara 2.jpgKara Skinner is a Mainer going to college in Massachusetts. One of her favorite ways to de-stress is to read books and then talk about them. She created this blog partly so she wouldn’t be talking about romance novels ad nauseum to friends who couldn’t care less. She also likes entertaining people and helping them find the gems in all of the junk in the romance novel world and she hopes to help make a difference by donating some affiliate sales to some of her favorite charities.

When she’s not reading romance novels, she’s living the exciting life of a college student which involves homework, making coffee, going to a work study job at three in the morning, more homework, and a lot more coffee. Her boyfriend says she’s a backseat gamer and finds it amusing when she screams at an episode of Game Grumps. She also has a serious obsession with Doctor Who and cried when it was taken off Netflix.

Kara finds it weird to talk in third person for so long. She also hates revising her About page. However, she would love to connect with you and talk about books or life. You can join her mailing list for monthly newsletters as well.


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