It’s All in My Head by Kristen James

Romance Novels for the Beach

it's all in my headI must say, I’m not usually a fan of novels with paranormal aspects to them, but I actually enjoyed this one! Probably because there weren’t any shiny vampires or hormonal werewolves to deal with. The paranormal theme of this book was much more subtle, and far less annoying. If anything, it was more mystical than paranormal. Avery wakes up in the hospital with a concussion after a tumble on her snowboard (proof that winter sporting activities are evil). Although the doctors assure her that everything looks good, she notices that something isn’t quite right when she starts hearing a male voice speaking inside her head. The voice, aka Marcus, can’t remember many details about his life, or understand how he came to be trapped inside a woman’s head, but the two quickly realize that there’s really nothing they can do to change the situation. Adjusting to having a voice inside…

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