Shadowing Ivy by Janelle Taylor

For police officer Ivy Sedgwick, nothing could be more perfect. She’s about to marry the love of her life, Declan, and say goodbye to her father once and for all when she finally receives her inheritance from him on her wedding day. Whether she decides to accept it or not, however, remained to be seen.

But her plans for domestic bliss go awry when her fiancee bolts out the door of the church on her wedding day at the sight of of a strange man… a detective named Griffin Fargo who is investigating the murder of a woman in New York. Not only is Declan his half-brother, but he is also his prime suspect. Now, he must protect Ivy from Declan while fighting his conflicted feelings for her and wondering if he can trust her enough to open his heart to her.

This was a very good romance. Ivy is a strong female character but she doesn’t come off as bitchy and Griffin is very lovable and attractive. The chemistry between them is very strong and even though it was obvious that they were going to get together, this story was full of many twists and turns. The mystery surrounding the murder and Declan himself is full of genuine suspense that made me keep reading even though I knew I should stop, and it’s full of surprises. My one real complaint is with a bit of far-fetched action, like when one of the characters is repeatedly smashed in the head with a brick and then gets consciousness back a few hours later with enough ability to function to continue on his merry way. Perhaps I’m wrong, but from what I know of being knocked unconscious, that probably wouldn’t ever happen. But I believe this story will appeal to most romantic suspense lovers all the same.