The Doctor’s Slave (18+)

Alternative title: I Like a Little Character With My Sex

But more on that later

Beth is in trouble. Her fire and brimstone preacher of a father kicked her out of the for having a boyfriend and when Beth reached out for help from said boyfriend, he broke up with her through text. Desperate, she answers an ad for an experimental drug test for a female viagra, looking to make some easy cash. But when she goes to the doctor’s house to sign the contract, he tricks her into becoming his sex slave for six weeks. Yikes!

Normally, I love these types of stories. You know the ones. The plots can also double as episodes of Criminal Minds and yet it’s sexy in these books. Like in Mine for Tonight where the love interest is a stalker but incredibly sexy.  But it doesn’t always work out.

I love the Beauty and the Beast stories. In fact it’s my favorite love story arch. However, this one was sadly lacking. I should have checked the word count on this story, but usually ebooks that are three bucks have some plot to make it worth your money. This one is only a paltry 16,000 words, though, which leaves no room for plot and character development. Honestly, I should have checked the word count before buying. That was my bad.

Anyway, back to the book. It started out pretty promising. Beth is innocent and very sheltered, which leaves her as easy bait for Doctor Marshall. While he much older than her (old enough to be her father, which was said many times), he is still incredibly attractive. Of course he is very eager to have her, and he makes sure she is truly desperate before having her sign the papers so she can satisfy his sex fetish. Great! It was so promising. And the sex scenes were definitely good. They were very descriptive and could really pull you into the scene. But Doctor Marshall’s character was so lacking that I just felt incredibly cheated.

About ninety percent through the book, Marshall confesses to Beth that he feels guilty about his slave fetish. With a heartfelt moment like this, you would think that throughout the book he would be having thoughts like this:

She’s only 18, and no experience at that. How can I do this to her? 

She’s alone. If I don’t take her in, she would be on the streets, at least she’ll be safe with me.

But no. Actually we don’t see anything from Marshall’s view at all. In fact, we never learn his first name. Beth probably hallucinated everything and the affection she is sure she sees is just the Stockholm Syndrome setting in. 

Writing erotica doesn’t mean you can shirk on character development. I read erotica to have something to daydream about. If all I wanted was the actual act of sex, I would just find the BDSM section on Pornhub.

Then there’s the baby thing. For some reason, Marshall wants to get Beth pregnant. Really badly. In the contract he says that any baby she has during their time together belongs to him and he makes her take a pregnancy test everyday to see if he impregnated her the day before. Why does he want to so badly? That seems like a strange thing. But we never find out why he wants a baby. Let’s hope he doesn’t have a hobby of selling them on the side.

If you’re thinking that this is just one of a series, think again. After looking through other books by the author, I can safely say that Beth doesn’t make an appearance again. But Doctor Marshall does. Seducing and dominating other women. Because we all dream about manwhores. I might as well be on Pornhub and watching for free instead of paying to read.

Honestly, I’m chalking this book up to one of the saddest purchases I’ve ever made, but I know that there are people who would prefer a quick read that is mostly hot action, so I’m leaving the link to this book down below.

Meanwhile, I’m going to look at the passion-filled book cover and write up my own version of The Doctor’s Slave, with the character development added.