Book Review: Love Fortunes and Other Disasters

In Grimbaud, love is on everyone’s mind. From the annual ritual of getting a completely true love fortune from Zita’s charm shop to the statue of Love in the square, that is just about the only thing that matters in the town. This is great for those who have found their matches and live happily ever after. For those who are fated to be single forever, not so much. They quickly become the social outcasts in the town and join the Spinster and Bachelor villas.

For Fallon Dupree, a spinster fortune is just another reason that she’s an outcast in Grimbaud High School. With her parents and brother all strict inspectors in the clothing and restaurant department, Fallon leads a high quality life that quickly gets her branded as a snob. Not ready to give up on love quite yet, Fallon joins a rebellion to overthrow Zita’s charm shop and take back their own fortunes. Much to her surprise, so does her next door neighbor, Sebastion, who is also the high school’s heartbreaker.

Okay, if you’re following me on Twitter, then you already know I like this book. It’s adorable and sweet. I am a bit of a sucker for modern fairy tale towns like Grimbaud is. Fallon is a really good character, even though I don’t really like her parents. I mean really, controlling much? Her brother is pretty cool, though.

I actually like Sebastion’s character. Player love interests can either be complete jerks or be really hot, and Sebastion is definitely hot. Unlike the love interest in The Boy Next Door, the teen romance I’m reading now, Sebastion isn’t a complete douche to girls, even though he does date around. He is really funny and I like the chemistry between him and Fallon a lot.

What I didn’t like about this book was how a lot of them just gave up. I mean, if I was in the Spinster Villa, I would be over at the Bachelor Villa all the time. Even if it wasn’t true love, it would be nice to have a fling, right? They are all lonely. I can’t see the villas staying segregated because of a piece of ticker tape they got a few decades ago, even if the fortunes always come true. Worst case scenario there’s always friendship, right? And some of those love fortunes definitely didn’t have a life sentence. You will get a terrible rejection in the near future? That could have been my fortune in the sixth grade. Now I’m dating an incredibly sweet guy who loves me and is adorable and sexy. Too much of this town gave up way too quickly. At least Ms. Ward tried.

I still give this book four out of five stars. Romantics out there will definitely enjoy it, and every teenaged girl feeling unlucky in love should read it.

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