Mine for Now: A Billionaire Romance Novel by J.S. Scott


When you think the plot is getting thin, just throw a desperate druggie into the mix. That’s what J.S. Scott did with Mine for Now, the second in the Billionaire’s Obsession series. Unlike Mine for Tonightits sequel has  a dose of reality in Kara and Simon’s relationship and shows that not everything is roses after the knight in shining armor has saved the girl. While a dose of reality is a good thing in writing– and is usually lacking in billionaire romance novels– Mine for Now is my least favorite in J.S. Scott’s series.

What I Think

Simon and Kara

This book definitely has some more hot sex scenes, which are

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much appreciated, as well as the introduction to Simon’s brother Sam, and a little more insight into his background. Now we know that Simon thinks women only want him for his money, and despite his cold departure from his night with Kara, he really cares about her. However, it’s not meant to be, in Kara’s eyes. She doesn’t want to wait around for Simon to be ready to commit. She knows she doesn’t belong in his world and doubts he’ll ever love her.  I really liked this part of the book. It shows that Kara isn’t that naive when it comes to love and that she’s not willing to wait around for Simon if he doesn’t want to commit. I also really liked the character development for Simon and Sam. It shows that even getting out of poverty and becoming more successful than your wildest dreams doesn’t bring happiness.


The Desperate Druggie

I wasn’t a fan of the druggie plot. Kara was working at her friend Maggie’s clinic when it was held up at gunpoint by some some men wanting drugs. They threatened Kara and got away before the cops came. Now that threat is looming over both Kara and Simon’s heads.  While I understand how the robbers were necessary for a variety of reasons, the whole thing was pretty anticlimactic. I mean, they show up briefly in this story and they are talked about a little in the next, but really it’s just a way for Kara to end up living with Simon again and to show Simon’s protective side. Honestly, I think Scott could have done a lot more with it, especially considering Simon’s past. Why not link the trauma in his life to the druggies? That would have been easy and a good plot for the stories. Of course, I loved Simon and Kara’s story, and that would have changed the books completely.

What Others Think

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As far as I can tell, most bloggers only review The Billionaire’s Obsession as a whole, or only Mine for Tonight. However, there are plenty of reviews worth looking at on Goodreads.

Debbie Collins has a good one. She says Mine for Tonight is an excellent read, and she loves Sam’s vulnerable side as well as the sentimentality in the gift Kara gives Simon for his birthday. I love both of these as well, so I definitely agree with that. But my favorite part of her review is her last line:

If you have read J.S. Scott, you know what an awesome author she is, if you haven’t read any of her books, may I ask, what are you waiting for?

Sums up my thoughts nicely, Debbie.

Jenny’s review of Mine for Now is less favorable. While she thinks erotica fans will like it, she was disappointed with the thinner plot in the story. While I have read plots with so much less than The Billionaire’s Obsession, I do agree that the plot is pretty thin. There are no real subplots to speak of, so even though the main plot is pretty solid, it can be lacking if you’re looking for more than a straight-up romance.

This book is no longer available by itself. If you want to purchase it, you will need to get the complete Billionaire’s Obsession, which includes books 1-4. It is available for free on a couple of sites, but I’m not going to list them because I’m not sure if they are legal or not. However, I hope you read it and enjoy it for the cheesy, thin-plot romance that it is, and that you enjoy the exceptional character development. And if you have read it, I would love for you to leave a comment below letting me know what you think.

Thanks, everyone. I hope you’re having a great day wherever you are.