Book Review: Mine Forever by J.S. Scott

obsession_1-3What do you do when the love of your life is almost kidnapped by druggies? You do everything you can to convince her to come home with you, of course. Which is exactly what Simon does with Kara. But even with Kara reluctantly living with Simon again, things aren’t perfect. Kara won’t accept anything less than a relationship and Simon is still trying to figure out how to be in one. Can Simon put his past behind him so he can finally have happiness with Kara?

Like Mine for Tonight and Mine for Now,¬†Mine Forever is a fantastic erotic romance. I like it even better than the second one because aside from getting Kara to move in with Simon again,the under-developed druggie plot has all but disappeared. and Kara is showing that she’s not willing to take any crap from Simon, even refusing sex until he opened up to her about his past. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of hot sex scenes that can make you blush, but Kara still needs Simon to open up.

And Simon, despite being an alpha male, is still awkward and endearing. 15479193670_d73f1ff314_mIt’s really obvious that he has no idea what to do in a relationship, to the point of absurdity. I mean, you have to be living under a rock not to know that flowers and chocolates are basic gifts for Valentine’s Day. As much as I like an awkward love interest, I really didn’t like how Simon handled Valentine’s Day. Getting help from his female employees is good and so is being nervous and wanting to make things right with Kara, but buying an entire carload of Valentine’s Day merchandise? That was a little to ridiculous for me. First of all, it’s unrealistic. Nervous binge-shopping and being a billionaire don’t go hand in hand. Binge-shopping leads to a broke hoarder real quick, I don’t care how high your salary is. Second of all, does he even know Kara? She’s hardly a material girl. Why would a large quantity of material goods make her happy? But Simon does express his love with gifts, so I guess that does fit.

We finally learn how Simon got his scars in this book. The suspense had actually been killing me to find out and the reason did not disappoint. Honestly, I’d have relationship problems too if I went through the same thing. And now that he’s opened up to Kara he can finally begin healing for real.

This book is one of my favorites of the series, right up there with the first one. You can’t find it by itself anymore. You’ll have to buy the entire¬†Billionaire’s Obsession series. But if you like contemporary romance that flirts with the erotica genre, then you’ll like this series.

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