Book Review: Mine Completely by J. S. Scott

17258978Money sucks.

It can be a good thing, but at the same time it can ruin relationships or at the very least cause fights and angst. Simon and Kara haven’t totally figured out how to deal with their money, even though they are engaged. Kara is still self-conscious about the income gap between them and wants a prenup. Simon is worried that Kara doesn’t think that he trusts her and wants to do anything and everything to prove that he does. Then there’s the little matter of Kara’s pregnancy.

While I enjoyed this Simon and Kara story very much, I only enjoyed reading it once. One read through is enough time to enjoy the romantic gestures and Simon’s and Kara’s hopeless love and attraction to each other. But like a significant other, the more time you spend with the story, the more you see flaws and annoying habits that make you cringe. Simon and Kara fight like two teenagers riddled with hormones and angst. While Simon is still smokin’ hot, and the sex scenes are well worth the read, Simon slowly loses his brain cells until he sounds more like a caveman and less like a video game designer with alpha male tendencies. I don’t know how many times he called Kara “his woman”, but it was enough to annoy me. Severely annoy me.

But like any other significant lover worth loving, you get over the flaws.¬†The Billionaire’s ¬†Obsession is a fantastic, well detailed erotic romance that has fantastic sex scenes, great characters, and even a plot, which is a rare find in the dark and dangerous realm of erotica.

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