Boyfriends for Sale: Fairytale Edition

“If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.”
Albert Einstein

Well, if Einstein says it….

I can’t say that reading these fairytale retellings will truly make you more intelligent (maybe they will. Who knows?). But they are definitely a lot of fun. I don’t know about you, but I love a good fairytale retelling. Here are a few romance novels retelling fairy tales that are as old as time.

51tpx2kqzvl-_sx348_bo1204203200_Persephone by Stephannie Beman

In a world where Gods rule and Daemons are feared, Hades, the most notorious Phlegethon daemon-god to roam the ancient world, is released from his prison in Tartarus by the Olympian Zeus to aid in the war against the Titans.

Past shrouded in darkness, Persephone, daughter of the earth goddess Demeter, heals from the ordeal that stole her memories and the magic that is an integral part of who she once was. When she meets a stranger in the woods, her life is forever changed.
Betrayed by the Gods he once served, battle-weary Hades promised to never allow another god power over him, but he didn’t plan on the intervention of the Fates intertwining his future with the stunning woman dancing in the moonlight, or the rise of his Phlegethon nature that demands he claim her as his own. Persephone has become the siren calling him, promising the completion of heart and soul, but only a fool accepts the gifts of a siren, or fight against the will of the Fates.

I’ve actually read this book and I really liked it. I’ll write a full review of this book soon.

You can find this book at Smashwords.

51fqsc76ull-_sx331_bo1204203200_Cinderella Unmasked by Bonnie Dee and Marie Treanor

Three balls. Three sexual adventures. One true love.

In the years since her husband King Charming boarded a pirate ship to “find himself”, Queen Ella has ruled alone. Romantic love? It’s a girlish emotion. These days, her only confidant is her steward, Sebastian.

Five years is a long time to forego sexual pleasures. She’s the queen, after all..shouldn’t she be allowed a few indulgences? A masquerade is just the ticket to find fulfillment Charming never gave her. With Sebastian’s encouragement—and a little help from a fairy godmother—Ella prepares to make some magic.

The first masked stranger she dallies with gives her a taste of what she’s been craving. And it’s just not enough. A second ball follows. A third. Each one—and each anonymous man—sends her to new heights of sexual pleasure. And reawakens the notion that maybe, just maybe, love does not always lead to pain.

Her indiscretions have not gone unnoticed. As her stepfamily makes a move to take over the throne, Ella has nowhere to turn, no one to trust…except the men behind the masks…

You can find this book at All Romance Ebooks.


Bastien by Alianne Donnelly

Boredom can be a dangerous thing. Lord Bastien Sauvage has been driven nearly out of his mind with it, retired to his castle in the country. By now, he is willing to agree to anything for some entertainment, no matter how ridiculous it may seem. With his trusted friend at his side, there is no mischief they can’t get into, or trouble they can’t get out of. The world is theirs for the taking.

But on a night made dark with powers beyond comprehension, all it takes is one choice, one turn of a card, to change Bastien’s fate forever. He should have heeded the hag’s warning. Now it’s too late. Seduced by the Faery princess, haunted by dreams of a woman he can never have, Bastien discovers that there are things in this world far worse than boredom. History is penned in a human hand. Legend carries on the wicked whisper of a Faery wind. This is the story of Beauty’s Beast—told his way.

You can find this book both on Smashwords and All Romance Ebooks.

51tr67vnryl-_sx314_bo1204203200_Snow White Bride by Carol Grace


But before the freezing beauty could explain to Zach Prescott how she’d wound up on his doorstep during a snowstorm inonly a wedding dress, she fainted.

His seven pint-size charges insisted the mystery woman was Snow White. But their uncle, savvy CEO Zach Prescott, sure knew better. Snow White was a fairy tale. Sabrina White was living, breathing reality. And a runaway bride. He told himself his curiosity about her was only natural. Their kisses, the result of comfort…and close quarters. Because theirs could never be a storybook ending. He was nobody’s prince. Or was he?

You can find this book on All Romance Ebooks.

f6c1e31f91096c510eb8990e5e931a4b30c2139e.jpegCutting Loose by Charity Hillis

Once Upon a Time never felt like this…

Amy is committed to her career, but when her old college roommate gets in touch, Amy realizes her success has come with a price: she gave up more than her dreams of being an artist when she graduated from college.

Sean hasn’t written his own music since he saw the power his lyrics could have, but that doesn’t stop him from playing covers and trying to have a little fun with every woman he meets. When Amy gets under his skin, however, Sean starts to wonder if a random hook up could become something more.

CUTTING LOOSE is a contemporary romance inspired by Rapunzel, and it’s the second book in the Once Upon a Desire series.

You can find this book at Smashwords.


Beast by Asha King

A scarred recluse hiding from his past…
Joseph Li has lived in hiding since he was fifteen years old. The son of dangerous mob boss known as The Dragon, he sought a life of his own and paid the ultimate price, ending up horribly burned over half of his body. He escaped when the world–and his mother–assumed he died in the fire, but is not without scars. Physically, he’s disfigured; mentally, he trusts no one and has become a shut-in living in the fringes of small towns until local interest drives him away.

The beautiful young housekeeper who is more than she seems…
Belladona Martin is a loyal employee of Seven Security, specializing in undercover work. When a local call girl comes to her for help after a prostitute turns up dead–one who worked at the Li mansion–with worries the scarred man living there killed her, Belle naturally takes the case. She slips into the persona of a housekeeper who provides “companionship” on the side, hoping to find evidence to convict the monster responsible for the crime.

Joseph believes he’s more beast than man, even as Belle’s presence gives him hope for redemption. But beyond the lies surrounding her identity that could destroy their budding relationship, a twenty-year-old secret is buried deep in Midsummer, one from Joseph’s past that might claim both their lives.

You can find this book on All Romance Ebooks.

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