10 Reasons Why Reading Makes You a Badass

  1. Your hobby fights aging and makes you a better person. (No, seriously, it does.)
  2. You know how to make ten books fit on one night stand. Or in an overnight bag.

Credit: Popsugar

3.The SAT vocabulary is not a problem for you.


4. You really do know how to get away with murder. You’ve read a dozen murder mysteries.


5. You know how to get hours of entertainment out of 99 cents.

Credit: KK

6. If any of your friends need pick-up lines, you’ve got them covered.


7. You can carry the emotional baggage of a thousand fictional characters.


8. If books are involved, an all-nighter is easy.


9. The usual punishments as a kid never hurt you at all.


10. You know an alcohol hangover is nothing compared to a book hangover.


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