3 Free White Noise Apps For Reading

09806Reading a good book for a few minutes is the best and fastest way to escape the pressures and unpleasantness of life. It can help relieve stress and leave you feeling relaxed, happy, and refreshed. The atmosphere around you can be important for you to relax, which is why creating a reading corner is such a good idea. But obviously that’s impossible to do on your lunch break or riding the train during your commute. But you can control your atmosphere somewhat. What you hear is the easiest to control. Here are three white noise apps that will help you immerse yourself in your book.

Sleep Pillow Sounds Lite icon175x175

This is the app I’ve used the most often for reading or studying. Even though you can upgrade to a paid version with a lot more sounds, the free version is still very good. It has a lot of options including fireplace, rain, thunderstorm, and the ocean to listen to. You can also overlap sounds to create your own mix. I like to to combine fireplace and rain so it feels like I’m near a fireplace while it’s cold and rainy outside.


White Noise

White Noise has more of a selection than Sleep Pillow for sound. With over 40 different icon175x175sounds to choose from– and a few mixes provided as well– you’re bound to find one that you like. My favorites on here is the cat purring, Tibetan singing bowl, and boat swaying in water. Some of the sounds on this one seem to cause more stress than relaxation in my opinion, like the vacuum cleaner or the city streets, but there are definitely sounds on here for everyone.

Relax Melodies 

This app is probably the best all around best deal. You have a variety of sounds to choose 1051from that you can overlap and mix with easily to create the atmosphere you want, or you can choose (and customize) from the variety of combinations provided for you.  Not only that but it’ll also give you health tips for better sleep and provide guided meditations. Only two meditations are available in the free version and there are a lot of sounds that are only available in the paid version, but it still has a lot of sounds to choose from to help you create an instant vacation on your commute with a good book.

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