Win Bestselling Author Maggie Shayne’s Once Upon a Time Boxed Set Today

Once Upon a TimeTwo weeks ago, my dad stormed into the living room to find me sitting on the couch, reading Once Upon a Time by Maggie Shayne. “Why weren’t you at breakfast?” He asked.

I pointed to the book (well, my phone with the downloaded ebook). “This is more important than food.”

Anyone who knows me knows this. Nothing is more important to me than food. All of my impulse buys are food. The only way to get me to show up to most events is to give me food. If I’m hungry at three in the morning, then I walk to the grocery store to get food.

That morning, Once Upon a Time was more important than food.

Once Upon a Time is a boxed set containing two books: Fairytale and Forever Enchanted. It follows the stories of two sisters, both descendants of fairy royalty, who are separated from birth. Brigit grows up believing she is mortal while Bridin knows the truth about their heritage. She also knows who stole their kingdom from them: the Dark Prince who held her captive for most of her childhood.507872

Now that they are fully grown, both sisters must escape their troubled pasts and find true happiness. For Brigit, that means helping a handsome but troubled mythology professor named Adam find the ability to love and trust again. But that seems impossible when she needs to betray him to save the life of her best friend. Happiness for Bridin means taking her kingdom back from the Dark Prince, also known as Tristan. But even though she and Tristan are enemies, they can’t deny the attraction they have to one another.

I’m not the only one who thinks Once Upon a Time is amazing. This boxed set has a phenomenal Goodreads rating of 4.13 out of 5 stars. Here is what people are 1246433saying about it:

“When a book pulls you along, mesmerized, and ends with such emotion that it has your heart close to bursting & you close to tears, you know it was good!” — Michelle Leah Olsen, creator of paranormal romance blog Literal Addiction

“Tristan wasn’t what I was expecting at all….he was SO much better. Loved this book and can’t wait for more from Maggie Shayne!!”— Katie, Goodreads reader

“Maggie Shayne takes you on a journey from here to a different world so pick up the books and lets go for a ride I think you might like with the Fairies Of RUSH…..”— Peggy, Goodreads reader

Maggie has been kind enough to let me give away one copy of Once Upon a Time to a lucky winner. Take only two minutes to enter here for a chance to win the Once Upon a Time boxed set. The winner will receive both Fairytale and Forever Enchanted in their preferred electronic format through Smashwords. The giveaway ends on August 22, so make sure to get your entries in today.

Don’t want to wait a week to read Once Upon a Time? You can buy here on Smashwords.