3 Best YouTube Playlists for Background Music While Reading

71It’s so easy to get distracted when you’re reading. Maybe someone has the TV too loud, or they’re talking, or maybe you’ve got a song stuck in your head that drowns out the words on the page. (This dirty look is for you, Icona Pop.)

White noise can sometimes help, but another thing that works is quiet instrumental music for the background. Luckily, YouTube has loads of these for reading, studying, or anything else that requires concentration. Here are the 3 best for reading.

  1. 2 Hours of Relaxing Celtic Music 

Celtic music is fantastic for relaxing without feeling like falling asleep. And the music in this one is cheerful and sweet, perfect for when you’re reading a light-hearted book, especially a historical romance.

2. Study Music Alpha Waves

If you’re reading an epic novel or an inspirational memoir this will set the mood perfectly. It’s meant for studying, but I like to think that’s a suggestion more than a rule. Like serving sizes on Nutella jars and how they want you to put it on bread instead of eating it out of the jar with a spoon. But this playlist is three hours long and while it’s not cheerful like the Celtic music, it won’t depress you or put you to sleep.

3. Relaxing Romantic Music

This is three hours of a mix of piano, violin, cello, and guitar music that gives a serenely happy atmosphere. It’ll set the mood well for nostalgic books from your childhood (Junie B. Jones, anyone?) , and sad romances (hello, Nicholas Sparks). Even though it’s called romantic music, this is very subdued romantic music and honestly is best for more melancholy books.