5 Great Romance Novel Bloggers to Follow in 2017


Smart Bitches Trashy Books

These guys are the ultimate romance novel bloggers. With snarky reviews, cover snark, shopping lists, giveaways and Help a Bitch Out (for when you can’t remember the name of that book you love) there’s plenty here for everyone. SBTB is great for when you want to find new romance recommendations, or just need some laughs. One of my favorites is reading the Cover Snark, because it’s hilarious. Here’s an excerpt from one of their most recent Cover Snark, this one for the cover of the box set Dirty Desires. 

Redheadedgirl: Uh…it’s watching me.

Amanda: Anyone else have an urge to boop that nip? “Boop! Put that away!”

Redheadedgirl: “Do we need to have a discussion about what actually is tasteful underboob?”

Sarah: It looks at you wherever you are in the room.

Ask me how I know.

Amanda: I just picture you moving back and forth around your office. “How about here? Yep. What about here? Still looking at me. What if I back up?”

Sarah: Under the futon with the cats? Yup, still looking at us.

Elyse: It’s like the Eye of Sauron except The Nipple of Sauron.

Sarah: I think it’s winking. Wink Nipple.

Sounds like a 70s game show: And here’s your host, Wink Nipple!

Elyse: I’m picturing a plaid sport jacket and that weird long, thin microphone.


Redheadedgirl: Da da dada dada da da!

cropped-caribbean-beach-chairsRomance Novels for the Beach

This is one of the smaller romance novel blogs, but it’s still great. The reviews on here are well-written and reliable and it’s always fun to read. I highly recommend if you want to try a different blog and you already follow the others. The reviews are straightforward and helpful. It even tells if the book reviewed is in a series, the smut level, and anything else you might want to know.

This paragraph is from a review on Betting on Kincade by Devon McKade. It sums up the mood of the book and gives a good idea of the smut level as well.

The name of the game here is sexual frustration. Dalton is all about pushing Cassie to her limits so she can admit she still has feelings for her old beau. From whispering dirty nothings into her ear, to some clandestine horse stall make-out sessions, and even a sensual mechanical bull-ride, these two toy with each other to the point of insanity. Once they finally act on their urges in a romantic country inn, we are only privy to some of their foreplay. Talk about sexual frustration for the reader!!


a22e05c930f2a01742f655d9f83da396Aesta’s Book Blog

Pick a book, any book… risk free. Aesta only reviews the books she likes and luckily she’s a fast reader. She has a unique rating system of 4 to 10 stars and you’ll love these for sure. You’re sure to find some great books on here. You also get the latest news on romance novels, books to pre-order, and sales to browse. Her enthusiasm about the books she reviews is infectious, like with her review on Wicked Heart by Leisa Rayven:

At one point, I even cried. She’d done everything in her power to protect her heart but when she fell for him, she fell with all her heart and soul. She fell forever. And the pain of her not being able to have him just about broke me. I wanted to hug her, slap some sense into him, cuff them to each other, and march them down to Vegas for an immediate wedding because THEY NEEDED TO BE TOGETHER. Dammit.

Seriously. I almost couldn’t take the angst. I wanted to simulaneously hug the book has hard as I could and throw it across the room. THERE IS A LIMIT TO WHAT ONE HEART CAN TAKE!! Gah. Feels. So many feels! And then taking a step back to a more serious look on this situation, it was like — ok, let’s be honest. I love Liam and (as Elissa says) he makes me swoon like it’s his damn job, but how am I actually supposed to forgive this dude for what he did? I mean, he makes my heart melt into a puddle of goo every time he comes near her but I was genuinely getting nervous that there was really no way out of this mess.

BUT THEN!!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhh. A huuuuuge reveal that just… ahhh. Omg. YES YES YES. It was perfect. BRILLIANT. I did not see it coming. I repeat: DID NOT SEE IT COMING. Like, I didn’t even suspect this.


Red Hot Books

This blog is not for the faint of heart. It’s currently run by six ladies who are avid readers of romance and from all parts of the world. You can find interviews, giveaways, and reviews on their blogs, as well as their favorite reads of years past. You can find a new in-depth review daily on their website. They give straightforward opinions clearly illustrate what they liked and didn’t like. Here’s an excerpt of Joanna’s review of Vicious by L.J. Shen:

This financial vulnerability is Vic’s In with her, but things don’t go the way he planned. Feelings arise he never expected. The man, whose only sensations extend to how good a woman feels under him (or over him, or touching him in any way), starts to change. And though I didn’t like him, I desperately wanted him to fall in love. Certainly in the first half of this novel I was getting all the swoons every time he made a concession for Millie and wasn’t sure why. The second half had some of these moments (he really has to grovel and that was just ace), but it lost pace and some of the reveals felt a little awkwardly placed.

The backdrop of Vic’s loveless family mansion, and the swanky NYC offices and apartments he haunts juxtaposes nicely with Millie’s world of happy normal minimum wage living. Her awesome character becomes a little diminished nearer the end as her outcomes are piled into Vicious’s, but she’s his match and never feels less than him for having much less money. In fact it’s more the other way around.

romance_twitter_profile_heroes_new_400x400Heroes and Heartbreakers

This blog doesn’t feature reviews, but has plenty of other things for romance readers, including cover reveals, exclusive excerpts, shopping lists of new releases, and even a community where you can connect with other romance readers. It’s pretty awesome, and I highly recommend. You can check out some of their posts in their Features section here.