5 Romance Novels to Read If You Like Netflix’s The Ranch

Recently I started watching The Ranch on Netflix, mostly because Danny Masterson who played Hyde in That 70’s Show, who was the stuff of romance novels himself (Hyde, that is. Danny Masterson isn’t the stuff of romance novels. He’s kind of a douch.) While watching The Ranch, I’m usually laughing or being horrified by the amount of alcohol the characters drink. But there’s definitely a lot of romance in the show, from Colt and his high school sweetheart Abbey to Beau and his estranged wife Maggie.Here are five romance novels to read if you like The Ranch

17277857Who Wants To Marry a Cowboy? By Abigail Sharpe

Genre: Contemporary, Western

Page Count: 384 pages

Average Goodreads Rating: 3.92 out of 5 stars

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If Rooster and Colt owned the ranch, and not their father, there’s a good chance Colt would have tried to set up a dating competition to save the ranch with he and Rooster as the prizes. Just like how Riley Pommer gets roped into be the bachelor to save his ranch, even though the last thing he wants is a relationship. But that changes when he sees Ainsley Fairfax, a woman who took her sister’s place at the last minute. Now all they have to do is try to stay together even as other contestants try to rip them apart. 

Although I don’t spend a lot of my reading time in this genre, this book is well-written, with a fairly intricate plot, great characters, and wonderful dialogue. The romance parts are just the right combination of heart-warming and sexy. The characters’ motivations and actions are believable and there’s a lot of subplots and well-written less important characters, which makes this book stand out from others in the genre that I’ve read.– Dana Anderson, Goodreads Reviewer

There were definitely both good and bad with this book. Riley and Ainsley are both likable in general, but I did get tired of the constant lack of faith on either of their parts as to the other. Yes, they both had issues…but the non-stop, Oh, I’ll assume the worst because my mother was a and left me when I was a kid, so all women are like that, got old very quickly.

There were a lot of great flashes of humor throughout, and Ainsley definitely showed some growth over the course of the book. I’m not entirely sure Riley did much growing up, but everyone else certainly did and at least he started letting go some of his issues toward the end. Tory Michaels, Goodreads Reviewer

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2414750What Price Paradise by Katherine Allred

Genre: Contemporary

Page Count: 286 pages

Average Goodreads Rating: 3.97 out of 5 stars

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Similar to how Abby drunkenly tries to get together with Colt one night on The Ranch, despite having a serious significant other, Tate McCullom gets drunk and sleeps with a woman he barely knows. And gets her pregnant. Now he has to tell his own serious significant other that he can’t marry her. 

Abby Grayson’s life was no picnic. Being known as the town whore’s daughter has her ostracized and and she often struggled with just surviving financially. Loneliness is what made her sleep with Tate, and now she’s paying for it with a baby she can’t afford to take care of. But when she accepts Tate’s marriage proposal, she almost has everything she wants. Now all she needs is the love of her husband. 

Wow just wow!!! This book did it for me. It had everything I look for when I am reading a book. A sweet romance, a little bit of steam and a hea. I can’t thank Aestas enough for introducing me to this book. It was a wonderful read and a story I won’t be forgetting. I fell in love with these characters and will always treasure their story. This author is brilliant. I will be looking for more books to read by Ms. Allred. — Jo Anna Janesk0, Goodreads Reviewer

Tate and Abby were sweet together and they had chemistry but I wanted to slap him for being so obsessed with Diane! I mean she was his fiancee and they had been together forever but she was a bitch and a serial cheater. He almost lost sweet precious Abby and his baby for a slut. He was a good guy but blind and in denial. So frustrating! 3 stars because Abby is such an adorable heroine 🙂 — Jenny, Goodreads Reviewer

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23771472Love in a Small Town by Zoe York

Genre: Contemporary

Page Count: 229 pages

Average Goodreads Rating: 3.83 out of 5 stars

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Like how Beau and Maggie keep ending up together, despite their problems, Olivia and Rafe Minelli can’t say apart, despite being divorced. Olivia needs to leave Pine Harbour so she doesn’t have to see her ex move on, but Rafe doesn’t want to let her go just yet. And when Olivia is offered an exciting job, she either needs to turn it down, or risk ending up tangled with Rafe all over again. 

What I loved most about this book is that it addresses the fact that you have to fight for what you want and who you love AND it takes sacrifice. They both had to learn to put what they value most first above all else. Their undeniable lust for each other was at times very amusing and entertaining. I found myself smiling every time they were together.
This book brought me a little laughter… a few tears… all mixed together with a lot of sexual tension and passion. A wonderfully written feel good romance and one I would highly recommend to small town romance fans!– ChattyKat, Kt Book Reviews

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9200000033112282Second Chance Ranch by Cindi Madsen

Genre: Contemporary, Western

Page Count: 232 pages

Average Goodreads Rating: 3.89 out of 5 stars

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Like Colt, Sadie Hart returns to her small town, broke and needing some money and confidence before she can try to achieve her dream of being a country music singer again. She ends up working for her high school sweetheart, rancher Royce Dixon. 

Royce needed an employee to help him with Second Chance Ranch, a ranch that rehabilitates troubled teens. But he wish it doesn’t have to be the woman who chose music over him. Sadie still gets his heart racing like no one else, but how could he get together with her when he will always be second best to music for her? 

I love second chance romances. Sadie and Royce still have that spark and they are genuinely good for one another. It’s easy to fall back into old ways and remember how good they used to be together. The last thing Royce expects is to fall for her again, especially after having his heart broken by her so many years ago. It’s a slow fall though. Madsen doesn’t rush their relationship, which made it feel that much more meaningful and important, as it’s the real thing. — Jessica, Goodreads Reviewer

3.5 stars. I really liked this story. The characteristics were lovable, with realistic problems and you couldn’t help but root for them.

I could have done without the language and several other “things” in the story, but overall the story was great and well written.– Elizabeth, Goodreads Reviewer

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the-last-resort-9781501145650_hrThe Last Resort by R. S. Kovach

Genre: Contemporary

Page Count: 288 pages

Average Goodreads Rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars

Like Colt, Alejandra has to take a break from her busy, professional life. But instead of a drunken mishap with an ice sculpture, Alejandra gets into a freak horseback riding accident that shatters her wrist. Now, Ali’s busy life full of corporate meetings in the competitive business world and championships in the competitive equestrian world is suddenly empty. Because her boss told her to take a month-long hiatus. 

Pebble Creek Lodge is a world away from her high-stress life, and Ali hates it. But she doesn’t hate the handsome ranch hand, Hank Mathis. Unfortunately, Hank is battling is own demons. His support won’t be enough to help Ali. To get her life on track, Ali must find out what actually makes her happy. And if that is her former busy life or the handsome ranch hand at peaceful Pebble Creek Lodge. 

Highly recommend! — Debra Goelz, Goodreads Reviewer

This novel manages to entice the reader of classic romances with its allegiance to tried-and-true plot devices (the sex scenes are great because not only are they physically steamy, but they also require real emotional intelligence to interpret), yet keeps things contemporary with up-to-date references and fresh ideas. I happily recommend The Last Resort. Grab a glass of wine or a mug of coffee and get into it! — Allyson, Goodreads Reviewer

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