How to Save the World and Promote Your Book or Blog in Two Minutes

Update: This promotion is now a permanent part of Lover’s Quarrel to give everyone a chance to save the world and promote their books or blogs. To take advantage of this opportunity, email me a screenshot of your thank you email to 

Not only can you get your book promoted, but you can be a superhero. In fact, you can help save millions of lives.

Too good to be true? Sounds it. But it’s not

Lover’s Quarrel is pleased to be raising money for the Borgen Project, a nonprofit advocacy organization whose goal is to eliminate extreme poverty by mobilizing Congress to pass life-saving bills and to increase foreign aid. By turning to Congress for reforming and passing laws to make aid more efficient, the Borgen Project is able to save millions of lives every year.

Lover’s Quarrel will feature or promote your blog and book in exchange for a donation. 

If you donate $1, I will give you an acknowledgment in a blog post, with 1 social media/website/book link of your choosing. This blog post will say thank you to everyone who donates.

For $3, I will post links to your website/blog/book on Twitter and Facebook as well as everything above.

For $5, I will spotlight your book or blog as well as everything above.

For $10 I will review your book honestly and interview you as well as everything above.

For $12 I will post that review on Goodreads, Amazon, and anywhere else you wish as well as everything above.

This is a very important cause and I urge you to take action. You can donate here:

End Poverty Now

4 thoughts on “How to Save the World and Promote Your Book or Blog in Two Minutes

  1. I think this is a wonderful promotion for a terrific cause. I did in fact donate and was curious as to how I should contact you in order to get my book reviewed. Thank you for the opportunity,for reaching out to others and allowing us to help such a noble cause.

    1. Hi Donald,

      Thank you so much for your donation! I’m really grateful for it. Please use the contact form to email me about your book. As soon as I get a confirmation from the Borgen Project of your donation, I will start reading it to review it. Because you are the first donation, I do not know how long that will take. If you would like to speed up the process and you have an thank you email for donating, feel free to take a screenshot and send that to me.

      Thank you for your donation, time, and patience and I look forward to reading your book,


      1. You are very welcome, and thank YOU for what you’re doing. I looked at the Contact page but did not see where I could email you directly with the screenshot you requested.
        If you would be so kind as to email me at the email address provided, I’ll happily get you the screenshot in haste.

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