Man Seduces High School Crush in a Way that Will Leave You Breathless

Conference CupidGenre: Contemporary

Word Count: 19,780

Average Smashwords Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

My Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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I’m still trying to catch my breath from reading Conference Cupid by Eden Elgabri. The sex and the romance is a huge whirlwind that left me wanting even more. But I’m still not sure why I liked it so much.

Devin Barnett can’t believe it when he sees his old high school crush walk into his hotel for the romance writers conference. She’s just as beautiful as he remembers, but he doubts she will recognize him. After all, he was just a skinny nerd in high school. He certainly never would have entered her radar. But maybe he can finally have her.

Keary hasn’t been with anyone since her divorce a year ago and she is used to being alone. But she can’t resist the sexy hotel worker who only has eyes for her. Little does she know that he’s known her for a long time and isn’t really a hotel worker, but the owner of the hotel.

Oh man. There is so much to love about this story. Despite his money, success, and looks, Devin immediately becomes an insecure shy guy whenever he is with Keary. All he really wants to do is worship her, and he knows he’ll daydream about her after the conference.

It became critical that he learn where she did her writing. He needed to be able to imagine her in that room. His heart hitched. He needed to be able to imagine her there after she left the conference, when she went home to her real life.

I also like that Keary doesn’t know she’s that great. She’s insecure after her divorce and is a little shy and unsure around Devin in the beginning. Together they have amazing chemistry and really hot sex scenes. Devin continues to worship her and Keary loves having someone who cares so much about her after an empty marriage.

But there were some things about both of them that I didn’t like. Devin does lie to her, after all. When the conference is coming to an end and he knows he’ll never see her again, he tries to impregnate her and trap her that way. What the hell, Devin? You were pretty great until then. Then he practically pressured her into unprotected sex, didn’t pull out like he said he would, and hoped she would get pregnant  so she would stay with him. Seriously, WTF?

I’m annoyed at Keary but her criminal act is being rude to the staff at the hotel. When the receptionist tells her her hotel room has been upgraded to a regency suite and that all of her things have been moved for her, Keary glares at her and says she doesn’t like people touching her stuff. As if the poor girl had personally gone into Keary’s room and tried on her underwear. She stalks off without so much as a thank you, planning on complaining to the management. For a complimentary room upgrade. Just because she didn’t like the idea of some bored hotel staff, who couldn’t care less about going through her personal items, moving her bags from one room to another. Of course all her complaints disappear when she sees all the luxury perks that come with the upgrade.

If Keary and Devin had the ability to behave like responsible adults, their falling out would not have happened. But despite all of the unsettling character flaws in Devin and Keary, I still liked this book and I wish there was more. And that takes a lot of talented writing.

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