Mine for Tonight: Book One In the Billionaire’s Obsession

Nothing says sexy like a brooding billionaire. I mean, in a world of car payments, nine-to-five nightmares, and student loans hanging over people’s heads like spiders on their bedroom ceilings, it can be a lot of fun to daydream about a billionaire lover who will take it all away. Unfortunately, a lot of them are really bad, like Fifty Shades of Writing So Bad I Want All The Characters to Spontaneously Combust. The damsel in distress routine can also be sadly lacking plot and character development, like in The Doctor’s Slave. However, Mine for Tonight is definitely one of the good ones.


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The Doctor’s Slave (18+)

Alternative title: I Like a Little Character With My Sex

But more on that later

Beth is in trouble. Her fire and brimstone preacher of a father kicked her out of the for having a boyfriend and when Beth reached out for help from said boyfriend, he broke up with her through text. Desperate, she answers an ad for an experimental drug test for a female viagra, looking to make some easy cash. But when she goes to the doctor’s house to sign the contract, he tricks her into becoming his sex slave for six weeks. Yikes!

Normally, I love these types of stories. You know the ones. The plots can also double as episodes of Criminal Minds and yet it’s sexy in these books. Like in Mine for Tonight where the love interest is a stalker but incredibly sexy.  But it doesn’t always work out. Continue reading “The Doctor’s Slave (18+)”